The main idea in Beowulf is that the world is changing, and that the warriors of old are fighting the monsters of myth, but the new warriors are winning with the idea of Christianity and the one god helping to defeat the evil of multiple gods and monsters. 

Beowulf and his brethren are learning to accept the truth of the one god, even as they use the skills of the warrior to defeat the oldest evils. 

The truest reading of Beowulf can be found in the clash of civilizations and ideas as Christianity moves across Europe and displaces the myths and stories of old with newer myths, and prettier stories.
what is the message of the story? Beowulf.
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I've read The Story of Beowulf and in my own perspective, the main idea of the story is about the battle between God's army and the foul enemy of God. The warriors are the army of God and Grendel (the monster) is the enemy of goodness.
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