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1. Tropical forests:
 Characteristics: Hot, humid with equatorial climate and biggest biodiversity. Almost half of the world’s species (plants and animals) live there. The trees are mostly hardwood
Savannah or Tropical Grasslands:
Characteristics: Hot and dry, mainly grass, scrub and occasional trees. This biome has two distinct seasons — a dry season and a rainy season. During the dry season the vegetation dies and re-appears rapidly during the rainy season.
3. Desert:
Characteristics: Very hot and dry with very little rain.
4. Mediterranean:
Characteristics: The climate of this biome is not too hot or cold.
5. Temperate grasslands:
Characteristics: Many grass and trees with little large bushes. Climates are temperate continental with mild weather and moderate rainfall.
6.Temperate deciduous forests:
 Characteristics: These have a temperate maritime climate, usually with mild and wet weather.
7. Coniferous forests: 
Characteristics: Evergreen trees, cool climate with moderate rainfall.
Characteristics: These areas can be very cold at night and during winter. Trees usually do not grow at higher levels. About 80 per cent of our planet's fresh water originates in the mountains.
9. Tundra: 
Characteristics: Extremely cold climate, temperatures often reaching about -50°F in the winter, supporting only a few plants and animals. Tundra covers about one-fifth of the Earth's land surface.

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Terrestrial Biome, is a habitat populated by animals.