Whenever a foreigner hears of that, they would boast of how it's beautiful, and unique. Fascinating and full of wonders. Yet when a Filipino would hear that, some Filipinos would rather let their own Mother country down. Saying it's ugly and boring, corrupt and dirty, comparing Philippines to other countries. Some of it is reality, but what they don't realize is that they're destroying the image of the country they first laid their eyes unto. There might  be some problems and some discouragements in the Philippines, but here is where wonders would be found. Exotic people, thrilling experiences, all of it----are found here.

So why dream of other countries? Their culture? People? Fashion? I'm not saying it's bad to dream to go, but we should at least acknowledge the presence of our own country. Not all places in our country did we discovered. Approximately, only 35% of the places here in the Philippines did we discovered. And if we did discovered almost all, then you must know what it feels to be one of the people residing in this country. The honor is highly great to be acquired too. We are so lucky to be here in this country. Ups and downs might be experienced, but when you go to other countries, I bet that you'd surely miss this country full of hidden mysteries.

So while were still here, enjoy and be thankful for living here. 
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