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Living One's Life

" "Living" is easier said than done", that statement itself would make us conclude many things in life. Life isnt always easy nor is it very hard. We ask so many questions yet did you found the answer? It doesnt really matter anyway since we dont really need answers to our questions. The experiences, great or worst, painful things and all the things we've done to our life is the answer itself. The choices weve made, led us to different paths with different people. We shouldnt expect the best choice to be the best experience we will have, tho. Because even the best choices can lead us to painful experiences yet it will transformed us to become a better person. There's no harm in trying nor enduring. 

"I give up.", is a phrase commonly said by people. I,myself have said that too, in fact, I said it many times. But in those times, I always find myself into thinking through a lot of things until I find answer. Not the right one but the best option I could choose from.There's no need for you to hold back in those times. When you feel like crying, then cry. When you feel pain, then let it all out. Don't be afraid of people judging on what you've been feeling. Even if life has ups and downs, U-turns and even dead ends, don't ever give up and lose hope. 

Painful and bitter experiences in the past, can lead to a fruitful and beautiful experience in the future. So take risk and enjoy life. Have fun yet put it to limit in times. Put on a smile yet make it real. Let life give you thousands and even millions of experiences throughout! Rather than saying it's a bore and you dont care about it, eventually someday you will and you will regret the past years you've not spend it. Dream big and aim high. Don't let others' words discourage you into fulfilling whatever it is that you want. It's your dream, not their business. Above everything you do, let God be the center of your life. Always remember that He's always with us, and the sole reason for us to be still living right now.

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