Okay, we're gonna have this huge exam and apparently, there's gonna be general knowledge included in this exam. I thought; "If it's just general knowledge then I probably won't have a problem. But if it's PHILIPPINE general knowledge, then my life's as good as over." Why, I don't even know who the Philippine presidents are except for the first, the current, and the one before the current. Hey, don't blame me! I've listened in Hekasi class time, but you know why I know so little about this particular subject? It's becuase Filipino, for me, is so hard!!! My Filipino fluency level is that of a 5th grader! And no, I'm not in the least but interested in becoming fluent; I just need enough words to survive.

Anyway, other than the presidents, can any of you tell me what questions they usually ask in the general knowledge portion? Like WHEN did the (insert important event here) happen, or WHEN was (insert important person here) born and when did he/she die, or something like that? Please, please, be specific.

Note: I'm rewarding 25 points (as you can clearly see) for whoever answers my question SPECIFICALLY and CORRECTLY. And if you can't really answer, then just point me to a USEFUL and very INFORMATIVE website.

P.S.: I was too lazy to type in Google *Philippine General Knowledge* and choose from hundreds of websites then reading and memorizing tons of things which I'm really not interested in learning. And I just wanted to test what this website can actually do.

Should we place the answers? Or should you just figure it out? xD



> When did the Former 11th President, Ferdinand Marcos, declared Martial Law?
 - September 21, 1972

> What were the (4) reasons why the Martial Law ended?
 - Death of Benigno Aquino
 - Snap Election (An election that is like a "surprise". Like even though it's supposed to be held like 4 years later, it's held right now)
 -EDSA Revolution
 -Confetti Revolution

> What were the (3) programs Diosdado Macapagal initiated in his term?

 -MAPHILINDO ( Malaysia-Philippines-Indonesia) = these three countries would be helping each other in means of economy, and mostly the things that they will be needing.

 -Pilipinismo ( Pagpapalaganap ng Wikang Filipino)= Every person before should speak only their language: Tagalog. Even road signs from english names were transformed to tagalog names like "Daang Bonifacio"

-Agricultural Land Reform Code= It's objective is to impart land to the farmers

> Who is Former President, Gloria Arroyo's father?
 - Diosdado Macapagal

>What were the (2) strategies to make Ferdinand Marcos' term last longer?
 - To change the form of government
 - To declare Martial Law

>Who is the former president in the 100 pesos bill?
 - Manuel Roxas

P.S I youre wondering why it's most likely full of Marcos, it's cause there was a report about that like yesterday. This is all I can give, soory! I forgot about the other information about the other presidents.

Hmm, maybe you can review on our national heroes like Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, but I don't know what your lesson topics are. I'll give one tip.
Remember that Emilio Aguinaldo declared our Independence from Spain on June 12, 1898 in front a lot of people in Kawit, Cavite (I think he said it in his house on a balcony or something)
Yeah. Good luck on your test! :)