Expressing feelings is harder than anyone thinks. It's not easy to convey your feelings especially if you're afraid of getting hurt or afraid of hurting that person. Yet how do we express these painful or rather, joyous feeling?

One, would be expressing it through music. Mostly, everyone likes to listen music. When they're happy, they listen to music, when they're sad, they listen to it too. Sometimes a person's life revolves around music. When you know how to play an instrument, you'd surely convey your feelings to it. Keeping a calm and serious face, when actually, you're feeling something very strong inside. Let it all out on music! No one should judge you by this, nor should you care about them judging you. Be you and express your feelings. I, myself, also express my feelings to music through playing my piano and even singing. When it seemed like everything's falling down, I would always play it and understand every word I would spoke of the lyrics. 

If your not music-inclined or have different taste, then you might be the one to convey your feelings by art. Art is not something done only by hand, but also done by what the heart wants. It's a masterpiece anyone would love to see, an image anyone would like to dream of and an abstract thing that anyone would relate of. When youre feeling down, try expressing it through your art. Play with colors and pour all those positive or negative feelings. Be you and surely, when the outcome comes, you'd understand unknowingly that what you made was really your true feelings. 

If still, it's not in here, then express it through a notebook. A diary that every girl wanted to have. Write it all. The thrilling moments, happy, sad, confused, excited and every other emotion and feelings youve felt in every  moment you have experience in life. Carry it with you and write everything---- Compose letters, poems, riddles and any other things that can made you realize what your heart really felt on that moment.

Yet expressing feelings can also lead to fruitful experiences later. By conveying them, someone might realized how and what you've been through and will or can help you out. Even if there isnt a single one I've mentioned is one of your ways, then find it. It's hidden somewhere---locked away from reality. Aim for the key in unlocking that hidden path.

Hope this helps!