What is the wrong in the sentence?and why it become wrong?

1. We are already to leave for there concert when art, our driver, felt dizzy.

2. I for one believes that the best way to end the mindanao crisis Negotiations rather than through armed confrontation.

3. Thousands of students take UPCAT Test believing that the world class education given by the university of the philippines is their passport to success.

4. While waiting for my friend to pick me up, I laid on the sofa to rest.

5. Few us chosen to join the biovac.

Who made these sentences?
They are all wrong grammar.
3 and 4 have correct grammar
Oh! You are absolutely correct Yanna. Number 3 and 4 is in correct grammatical usage.


Wrong subject-verb agreement, except for #s 3 and 4.
1. Correct: We were already leaving for the concert when Art, our driver, started to feel dizzy.
2. Correct: I for one believe negotiating is a better way to end the Mindanao crisis rather than armed confronting.
5. Correct: Few of us choose to join the biovac.
1. We are already to leave for THEIR concert when Art, our driver, felt dizzy.