Care for the mother earth
Mother earth has lots of gift
to us she brings and afters
see the clean rivers and the sea's
see the clear falls and the springs
see the tall mountains and forest
see the green hills all around.
but look once more and see
look at the dirty sea's and river's
look at the bareforests and mountains
look at the polluted air we breath
look once more and see mother earth has a lots of gift

now question

1. Compare the gifts of mother earth at the start and at the end of the poem
2. What do you think is the cause why the gifts of mother earth looks like now
3. if mother earth can talk what do you think is she saying to us
4. what are you willing to do to save mother earth.

anwers may also translated in english.... . ..

someone answers please


1. The first half of the poem talks about how Mother Earth gave us so many gifts that we can benefit only if we take care of them. Rivers, streams, mountains,--- all of them are gifts from Mother Earth. They bring wonder and bring peacefulness in one's mind and body. Giving us fresh air to breathe, clear water to drink, clean waters for sanitation, in other words, these bring forth good blessings to us, people. While at the other half of the poem, it talks about how the gifts of Mother Earth were destroyed and were annihilated by no other than, us, the suppose-to-be caretakers of it. We were supposed to take care of it yet we were the ones, the first ones, to destroy it, making our lives now hard. It's effect is highly making us affected by it such as easily being flooded, landslides, flash floods, and other disasters that made Mother Earth angry at us.

2. The gifts of Mother Earth looks like what we are seeing right now, mainly because we started to ignore it's importance in our daily lives. We tend to ignore it's presence, and not caring for it like some cut trees illegally even if some trees are still sturdy and young that would eventually help us in the future when floods/ or other calamities might strike us. Burning trees to make the land plain, in order to make villages is one thing that is rampantly happening to the modern day world of today too.

3.If Mother Earth would talk, I would really predict that she's saying and reminding us, caretakers, to take care and watch over her gifts. She wants us to stop causing too much pollution, and other bad things that will later result to horrible ones. She wants us to change for the better, not only is she telling us to do these for her sake, but this is also for the good of us, people because actually, in reality, we are the ones mostly benefitting of these gifts. 

4. I, as a caretaker, and human, am willing to do what I can for the sake of the world's peace and order, for our sake, and for Mother Earth too. By using reforestation method. Cutting old trees then replacing them with new ones. As young as I am right now, I can't do big acts such as ceasing dynamite fishing, kaingin system, and even make a law about "No Pollution Day", yet by even little acts, it can make a very big difference to our world. Recycling paper, throwing garbages into the right places, saving water and electricity are things that a kid like you can do too. Even if it's a small thing, it can really change a lot in the future.