How can you explain the quote "All these gadgets, the phone and the computer, they expose the inside of your brain in a way that's bad." ?

It exposes our brain
especially if you use it too much you may be able to have a problem with your eyesight because of the pixels in the gadget then when it comes to your brain the gadget. The constant digital stimulation also is also bad especially if your brain is still developing and so it creates a sort of disorder in the brain (According to researchers)


These gadgets can be harmful if your not using it wisely. Today, just one click on google you can search multiple of things which can either be good or bad. Sometimes we also rely too much on these gadgets making our work effortless. Making us lazy people. 
It is bad for the brain because, first of all
oops my bad

For me, this quote means that all the high-tech and amazing gadgets we have right now, even if they help us in anyway possible in the most quickest way, can still lead us to harmful aspects in our body especially our brain. In a way, that we learn things from these gadgets making our minds sometimes work in a "bad way". We learn inapproriate things that arent fitted for our current young ages, making us curious and making us wonder about how that thing would work or how does it feel. Sometimes, we can't even have retention in our lessons at school because we were spacing out in daydreaming about what we played last night in our computer, or what we saw in our cellphone. We remember the bad things that arent right for us, but we sometimes or always never remember about the good things the elderly and even the lessons that were taught to us stick in our brain.