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Out in the desert, the scorpion hides.
The sun’s pounding down. Yes, it’s hot and dry.
When the sun sets, he’ll go looking for food.
He might get lucky, but he might get chewed.
Ecosystem, what is the temperature?
Ecosystem, how much sun does it get?
Ecosystem, what are the soils?
Ecosystem, is it dry or is it wet?
Out in the forest, lightning strikes;
knocks a big tree down.
That’s what mushrooms like.
They’re gonna sprout from that big ol’ trunk.
Getting nutrients from wood,
while they’re eaten by a skunk.
CHORUS Now if you’re gonna go ahead and try to list ‘em,
there are many kinds of ecosystems.
So much to learn; so much to understand
about freshwater, brackish, marine, and land.
CHORUS Deep in the ocean, where light can’t reach,
a whale is heading to the surface.
Yeah, she’s gonna breach.
She’ll dive back down like she just did,
hoping to eat some more giant squid.