Fat - chubby;large
thin - narrow
young - juvenile
old - senior
first - top
last - end
wide - broad
narrow - thin
light - bright
dark - dim 
I MEAN SYNONYMS: FAT: Plump, Stout, overweight,large, portly,chubby, flabby THIN: Light, Light weight,Slim, Slender ,. YOUNG: Immature, Childish,Unsoph
YOUNG: Unsophisticated, naive, OLD: elderly, aged,dilapidated, broken-down, beat-up, FIRST: initial, opening, introductory ,top. LAST: earmost, hindmost, endmost, at the end, at the back, furthest (back) WIDE: broad, extensive, spacious, vast, NARROW:small, tapered, tapering, narrowing .LIGHT: luminescence, luminosity, shining,leam, brilliance, radiance, luster, glowing, glow, blaze, glare.DARK: black, pitch-black, jet-black, inky...