Hey please help me answer my math problem :

instruction :
Use values of a,b,c to determine the sum and products of the roots. See if you can give the roots by using the sum and product.

sum product root

1. x2+4x+3 = 0
2. 6x2+12x-18 = 0
3. x2+4x-21 = 0
4.2x2+3x-2 = 0
5. 3x2-10x-8 = 0
6. 4x2+8x+3 = 0
7. 9x2-6x+8 = 0
8. 8x2-6x+9 = 0
9. 10x2-9x+6 = 0

no i need to answer the problem to know the sum and product then using those two (sum and product) to know the root
do you still need solutions?...because this would be very long...however, I can give the equation and answers
are you only looking for the sum and product?
if you won't mind im please for you to let me see the solution too for me to understand it more but it is also fine with me for just answers i will just figure it out/study it how you did it
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Equation of sum: r∨1+r∨2 = -b/a
equation of product: r∨1×r∨2= c/a 

1. x2+4x+3 = 0
a=1; b=4; c=3
the sum is -4 and product is 3

2. 6x2+12x-18 = 0
a=6; b=12; c=-18
the sum is -2 and product is -3

3. x2+4x-21 = 0
a=1; b=4; c=-21
the sum is -4 and product is -21

4.2x2+3x-2 = 0
a=2; b=3; c=-2
the sum is -3/2 and product is -1

5. 3x2-10x-8 = 0
a=3; b=-10; c=-8
the sum is 10/3 and product is -8/3

6. 4x2+8x+3 = 0
a=4; b=8; c=3
the sum is -2 and product is 3/4

7. 9x2-6x+8 = 0
a=9; b=-6; c=8
the sum is 2/3 and product is 8/9

8. 8x2-6x+9 = 0
a=8; b= -6; c=9
the sum is 3/4 and product is 9/8

9. 10x2-9x+6 = 0
a=10; b=-9; c=6
the sum is 9/10 and product is 3/5
3 5 3
thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU SO MUCH you really did helped me a lot THANK YOU AGAIN ! ^^
so uhm how to know the root?
actually finding the root is the same as finding the value of x,... you can get the root easily by factoring it... for example in no.1, x2+4x+3 = 0.... its factors are (x+1) (x+3)=0... finding the value of x, x+1=0...x=-1 and x+3=0.....x=-3.... So the roots are (-1,-3)..... but if your professor requires a valid solution, I have the picture however I don't know how to put it here,, maybe you can make another question and I'll post it there :).
or you can also use calculator "Casio fx-991 ES PLUS", it could solve for roots instantly, press "Mood", "5", "3", then input the values of a, b and c.
its ok, thank you so much you really did helped me a lot
Sum of roots: x+x = -b/a
product of roots c/a
1. sum -4 while the product is 3
2. -2, -3