In a raise to n, a is called the base and n is called the exponent.

Power of powers
(a raise to n)raise to m = a raise to nm

Product of powers
a raise to n x a raise to m = a raise to n + m

Law for 0 exponent
a raise to 0 = 1 where a is not equal to 0

Law for negative exponent
* a raise to -n = 1/a raise to n
* 1/a raise to -n = a raise to n

sorry if I kept on writing "raise to" because I don't know how to superscript.
hope it helped! :)
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1. Laws of exponent for product.
ex. 2a⁵·a⁶ = 2a¹¹
2. Laws of exponent for power
ex. 2(xy)⁴ = 2x⁴y⁴
3. Law of exponent for power of a power
ex. (2a⁵)² = 2²a¹⁰
4.Law of exponent for quotient
ex. s¹⁰/s³ = s¹⁰⁻³ = s⁷
5. Law of exponent for power of a quotient
ex. (a/b)³ = a/b³