Dress (Girls)

Ball gown = formal dress and floor-length
Bouffant gown = fancy gown. also for formal occasions
C0cktail dress = semi-formal dress
Débutante dress = white dress at debutante cotillions
Evening gown = long dress for evening events
Gymslip = sleeveless tunic worn as a part of a girl's school uniform
House dress informal dress worn at home or doing chores
Jumper dress = worn over a blouse
Little black dress = evening dress or c0cktail dress and often quite short
Maxi dress = long dress, often ankle length
Midi dress = mid-calf length
Minidress = short dress with high hemline
Nightdress = worn as nightwear
Sari = style of clothing worn by women in the Indian Subcontinent
Shift dress = or chemise, short sleeveless in a simple style
Shirtdress = borrowing details from the style of a men's shirt
Strap less dress = no visible means of support
Sundress = for warmer weather
Tea gown = semiformal gown for afternoon tea
Wrap dress = having front closure which wraps around the body, forming a v-shaped neckline
Wedding dress = for weddings,white
Kimono = traditional Japanese wedding dress or dress
Rajput = pink dress for bride in India