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My teacher is Thoughtful in anything.
I found her very Energetic every morning.
She is more Active than anyone in the class.
She is Courteous with everyone in the campus.
She is Honest with her answers.
She is known Expert in doing good things to others.
She is Responsible for her actions.
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A teacher is very THOUGHTFUL towards all of their students.
Every time I come to school and greet her every morning, she would always seem so ENERGETIC. 
During school contests, my teacher is always so ACTIVE and supportive.
My teacher is COURTEOUS to anybody as she would always greet me back as I greet her.
Being HONEST is one of the best qualities my teacher has as she tells stuffs to us truthfully and from the heart.
My teacher is such an EXPERT at just about anything!
She does not sleep and does her job well thus showing how RESPONSIBLE as she really is.
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