Confronting Scenario :

Angelo just learned that his parents are seperating and are going to live in seperate houses. He thought, all the while, that things were fine. He was so surprised to learn that his parents would start different families. He was asked to make a choice on who he wanted to live with. Angelo is very confused and he is asking you to give him advice. How can you help him?



Well for me, I'll tell Angelo that he should not be confused and never make a choice because there is a big possibility that he'll regret for his decision someday. Angelo has the right to live with her mother and father together. Her parents must not be selfish. They should think about their son not only about themselves. If I were Angelo, I would beg of my parents to stop their foolishness. To start different families is clearly a nonsense decision to make.
Well for your Information, you should not be confused of the things happening to you because the more you become confused the more you couldn't have choices to where you wanted to go with.