1. "Pretty colored treesThat are orange, red and yellowIn the Autumn airAn old barn by the waterWith a white fence around it."
"A cool wind blows inWith a blanket of silence.Straining to listenFor those first few drops of rain,The storm begins in earnest.""Subtle hints of springIn the wet bark of the treeDew dripping from leavesThen runs down the russet trunkPools round the roots and is drunk"
"Crash at two A.M.I opened my bedroom doorA white cat ran byStartled by the clanging fallOf the treat jar’s metal lid" And here are several more examples:"The dog likes to barkHis bark is loud for othersHe is a cute dogSo people don't mind too muchThey sometimes come to pet him""The weather is coolIt's clear that fall is comingThe leaves will soon changeThe days will become shorterAnd then winter will fall too. 
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Maamong bulaklak, mabini’t masaya
Ako’y ibigin mo, sabihin mo sana
Pagka’t ako’y lipos ng lungkot at dusa