1. where can you find metals, non-metals and noble gases in the peridic table of elements?
2. which number tells you the numbers of valence electrons?

3 what do you notice in the number of valence of electrons of matals, non-metals and noble gases?

4. what kind of elements has less than 4 valence electrons?

5. what kind of element has more than 4 valence electrons?



1.Metals are on the left side of the zigzag line
Nonmetals are on the right side
mettaliods compose the zigzag line (B,Si,Ge,As,Sb,Te,Po)
Noble gasses are the last column on the periodic table
2. The exponent of the highest energy level
3. metals have the lowest valence electrons, nonmetals have the 2nd to the highest, and noble gases have the highest.
4. metals (1-3)
5.nonmetals (5-7)
2 3 2