First, make the both of them an improper fraction.
Second, reciprocal the second fraction (ex. 90/9  /  80/20  become 90/9 / 20/80)
Third, lowest term the both of them by x
ex. 90/9  /  20/80  do the denominator of the first fraction and numerator of the second fraction...  do the numerator of the first fraction and the denominator of the second fraction.  DN=ND
Fourth, do the cross multiplication! :)

That's all!  Ask me if you don't understand a little bit. . :)

1. dibathe both improper fraction 2. the second fraction ex90/8 70/10 became 90/8 10/70 3. lowest term the boh of them by times* 90/8 70/10 do the denominator first fraction numerator of the second fraction the numerator the first fraction the denominator of the second fraction NS=SN 4. DO the cross multiplication thank you
Example 1:  Divide a mixed number by another mixed number.

Solution:      Change the mixed numbers into improper fraction.
                    (How? first, look at the first mixed fraction first. multiply the                                        denominator to the whole number then add the numerator.after doing                      the first whole number, do the same to the second.)
7 \frac{1}{2}divided by1\frac{7}{8}=\frac{15}{2}dividedby\frac{15}{8} (do the reciprocal before going to the next step.)
NOTE: Reciprocal is making the denominator the numerator,                                               and making the numerator the denominator.
It will be:      \frac{15}{2}X\frac{8}{15}
                     Divide the fractions.
                         = \frac{15}{2}X\frac{8}{15}=\frac{1}{4}X\frac{4}{1}=\frac{4}{1}or4(cancel if possible)

Example 2:  Divide a mixed number by a whole number.
                          3 \frac{3}{4}dividedby6

Solution:      Rename the mixed number to improper fraction.(example 1)
                          3 \frac{3}{4}dividedby6=\frac{15}{4}dividedby\frac{6}{1}
                     NOTE: Every denominator of whole numbers is always 1.
                    Divide a fraction by multiplying the reciprocal of it's divisor.(cancel                       is possible.)
                           \frac{15}{4} \frac{1}{6}=\frac{5}{8} 

Example 3:  Divide the mixed number by the fraction.
                        2 \frac{1}{10} dividedby\frac{3}{5}

Solution:       Rename the mixed number as an improper fraction.
                        2 \frac{1}{10}dividedby\frac{3}{5}=\frac{21}{10}dividedby\frac{3}{5}
                      Multiply by the reciprocal of the divisor.(cancel is possible)
                            \frac{21}{10}X \frac{5}{3}= \frac{7}{2}or3 \frac{1}{2} 
                                         (How to get the Lowest term? first,divide: 7÷2=3\frac{1}{2}.           the whole number is the quotient. the numerator is answer in the bottom.                                            and the denominator is still the denominator.)

Hope this helps.

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