T,O,Y are three points of a line. The coordinates of T and O are -7 and -2, respectively. If O is between T and , and TY= 13, what is the coordinate of Y?

this is what i mean havingtroubles pls help me
Okay, I'll post the answer in a few minutes. :D I'm making a diagram so you could understand.
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Answer posted! :) My diagram is a bit awkward though, sorry about that.


So basically, you have T, O, and Y.

We know that O is somewhere between T and Y. You can check the image if you're having trouble.

Now, we subtract the distance between T and O to get their distance between each other.

Since we know that the distance between T and Y is 13, we subtract 5 from 13, and we get 8.

Now that we know that the distance between O and Y is 8, we will add this value to the coordinate of O, which is -2.


The coordinate of Y is 6.

I hope that answers your question. (Sorry for taking a long time, I was called.)
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