Have you known the unit circle?
The circle is divided into 4 equal parts such that each part is 90degrees
the first quadrant being at the upper right part of the circle having x and y coordinates positive, the second quadrant at the upper left of the circle having x as negative and y positive, the third quadrant at the bottom left part having both x and y as negative and the fourth quadrant located at the bottom right with x positive and y negative..
From zero degrees located along the positive x axis moving counterclockwise, the angles are positive but when moved clockwise, the reading would be negative.
1. since zero degree is located along the positive x axis and the given angle is positive 85, then we move counterclockwise. 85 is in the first quadrant
2. 3rd quadrant
3. 4th
4. 4th
5. 3rd
6. 3rd (note that 360 degrees is 2π)
7. 2nd
8. 2nd
9. 1st
10. 2nd