What kind of dream is this? The goal? Or the one that you have when you sleep?

Well, if it's the goal, then you just have to first think through what your dream really is. Then list the things like, "Why is this my dream?" "What do I want to do to reach my dreams?". You can also add other things. Then after you have listed everything, work on your paragraph.

If it's the thing when sleeping, (if you still remember it) then just narrate how it happened.


Its actually easy for example :
   i dream of a person lets say your dad 
so my dad went up the hill and he rode a bike .
its actually you can tell everything you dream of
Exactly, your the one who can tell about
 your dream and your the only one who can write it. Then what you gonna do is take down all your dreams.And think about it.like ,What is your dream in future, How about your family?you have a dream for them right?, You can also write your dreams for them. We know you can do it, just be honest to your self .