Consider this problem with different units of measure.A concrete truck arrives at a job site holding 7.8 cubic yards of concrete.  If the patio being constructed is 18 feet across and 4 inches thick, how long, to the nearest foot, will the patio be if constructed from the amount of concrete on the truck?Always read carefully to determine if all of the measurements within a problem are expressed in the same units.  This problem deals with inches, feet and cubic yards.1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet
 (think of a cube 1 yd. x 1 yd. x 1 yd. which is also 3 ft. x 3 ft. x 3 ft.)
7.8 cubic yards x 27 = 210.6 cubic feet
4 inches = 0.333 ft.
V = lwh
210.6 = (l)(18)(0.333)
length = 35.1 feet
 35 feet
Rectangular Prism: LxWxH
Cube:  s^{3}
Cylinder: b h = pi  r^{2}  h
(1/3) b h = 1/3 pi r^{2} h
Sphere: (4/3) pi r^{3}

What is the volume of a rectangular prism with a length of 5 m, a width of 6 m, and a height of 12 m?
Solution: LxWxH = 5x6x12
Answer: 360

NOTE: Bear in mind that ALL answers in a volume problem should be affixed with the "cube" sign.

Hope I helped.