This category covers the history and meteorology of specific tropical cyclones, including hurricanes and typhoons. Meteorological causes, phenomenology, and physical principles of tropical cyclones are covered in category:tropical cyclone meteorology.Other tropical meteorology topics are covered in category:tropical meteorologyFor non-tropical cyclones, see category:Types of cyclone
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The 4 categories of tropical cyclone are:

*Tropical Dispression
*Tropical Storm

.Did you know that Tropical Dispression have a maximum wind speed of 64kph, Tropical Storm is 118 kph , Typhoon is 200 , and SuperTyphoon is Greater than 200.
. .SuperTyphoon was the strongest of all , why?? , it is because that supertyphoon has the greatest and strongest wind ...
The example of Supertyphoon on the Philippine history ,is the Supertyphoon Yolanda . . .

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