This is actually pretty easy. It's just that the exponential and logarithmic functions make it seem difficult.

So the function is:

We could rewrite this as:
f(x)=x^2+} \frac{x^4}{e^{(2lnx)} }

Knowing the properties of an exponential raised to a logarithmic function, we could simplify this as:
f(x)=x^2+} \frac{x^4}{x^2} }

How? 2lnx=(lnx)^2 And e^{lnx}=x Knowing those two properties, we were able to get to this answer.

See? This will be easy from now on.
f(x)= x^{2} + x^{2}

f(x)=2 x^{2}

Taking the derivative, we get 4x.

Hope that helps.

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