I'm willing to spend all of my current points on this, so somebody, please answer this correctly. I desperately need the answer, I mean, equation and solution. Here's the problem... An airplane took 9 hours to make a second trip between two cities. Flying with the wind, the rate was 200 km/h, but on the return trip, the rate was 160 km/h. What is the distance between the two cities?(Hint:Let x be the unknown distance). The answer should be 1,440 miles. If you get another answer please tell me the equation and solution and why you got that answer, but still please try to get 1,440 miles. You may attach a file or a picture of your answer.



Using the formula
 D = st                        D =  distance covered
                                   s =  average speed
                                   t = time taken
        D =  160km/h * 9
           =  1,440km