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If you remove the light everything look the same collar, In some way is truth
all look cray. You can go to bed with someone and the Next day you surprise you self, but is to late , it never happen to me ,I always do my things with the light on ..

Meaning: The implication is that beauty, or physical appearance , is unimportant.


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When in the dark, appearances are not important and meaningless for the reason that everything is difficult to see or unseen. Color is lacking in the dark.
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comparative adjective: deeper
extending far down from the top or surface.
"a deep gorge"
synonyms: cavernous, yawning, gaping, huge, extensive; More
antonyms: shallow
extending or situated far in or down from the outer edge or surface.
"a deep alcove"
(after a measurement and in questions) extending a specified distance from the top, surface, or outer edge.
"the well was 200 feet deep"
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