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Steps in making a dinosaur made out of clay:

1.) Select the type of dinosaur you plan to make with modeling clay. Research its appearance and have a printed picture of it on hand for reference during the sculpting process.
2.) Form the dinosaur’s body from modeling clay by rolling it and pressing it to form the basic shape.
3.) Cut one piece of 22-guage copper wire for each arm or leg of the dinosaur. Base the length on the size of the clay body. Form the clay around each piece of wire, which provides added structural support. Leave several centimeters of wire exposed.
4.) Stick each piece of exposed wire into the proper area of the dinosaur body to attach the legs. Swipe your finger in an upward motion from the top of the leg to the body to seal the gaps between the two.
5.) Form the head, neck and tail of the dinosaur from the modeling clay. Use a wire base if the dinosaur has a long neck or tail or extra large head. Attach the sections to the body to complete the basic dinosaur shape.
6.) Add details to the modeling clay dinosaur. Use different colors to form small shapes to represent the eyes, nostrils or any other noticeable features. As an alternative, use a pointed clay tool or toothpick to carve the different features directly onto the clay surface.

7.) Bake the clay dinosaur according to instructions specific to your type of modeling clay