· Wolf
· Goat
· Doe
· Zebra
· Bear
· Monkey
· Fox
· Lion
· Rabbit
Narrator: (All animals except the Lion face the audience.) Once there was a big lion who lived in the forest. All the other animals were afraid of him. Every day the lion went through the forest to hunt for food. The animals tried to hide from him but the lion always found one and killed him. The forest was not a safe place. At last the Wolf thought of calling all the animals to a meeting.

Wolf: It is good that everyone is present. (Sadly) We are here because we have a big problem. Our lives are in danger. (Cast: Ooohhhh danger! Danger)

Goat: Meeee-eee-eee. What can we do to save ourselves from the lion? He eats one of us every day. Soon all of us will die.

Doe: The lion is fierce. He has no pity for anyone. I remember that day I left my little fawn alone. (Cries) When I came back, my little one was gone.

Zebra: What shall we do? The lion is wise. He roars to frighten the animals. They cry in their hiding places. That is why the lion knows where to find them.

Bear: (Fearfully) The lion's sharp claws can tear us to pieces. He can climb a tree with his strong paws and his teeth are very sharp.

Monkey: (Angrily) Everyone is afraid of the lion. He is only one. We are many. Can we not stop him from killing us?

Fox: If we don't plan well, then we will all die. Why don't we think hard and talk about the matter?

Wolf: What do you suggest?

Rabbit: Everyone must think of a plan. Then we shall decide what is the best.

All: We agree. Let's think of a good plan.

Narrator: The animals thought and thought. Many gave suggestions. Finally they chose the Rabbit's plan as they thought it was the best. That night, the animals went to see the lion. As they came near the cave, they heard him growl. (Lion growls) Some wanted to turn back but, when they saw how brave the rabbit was, they went on.

Lion: (Turns to face the audience) What do you want?

Bear: King Lion, we have come to tell you something that will help you.

Lion: What is it?

Bear: We know you are the King of the Forest but you must stop eating the animals. You have killed many. Those you have not killed are afraid to stay in the forest. Soon there will be no animals left.

Lion: What shall I eat? I must have something to eat.

Bear: We will take care of that. Each day we will choose one animal for you to eat. It will come to your cave so that you will not have to hunt for food.

Lion: That is a good plan. Let's try it. (All animals except the Lion turn their backs to the audience.)

Narrator: The animals carried out their promise to the Lion. Each day they sent one little animal to the lion's cave. Each night one of them was missing from the forest.

Narrator: (Rabbit turns to face the audience) One day, the rabbit was chosen to be the lion's meal. He started for the lion's cave early in the morning but he thought he might as well have all the fun he could before he was eaten. So, he played along the way. (Rabbit hops) It was very late when at last he hopped to the door of the lion's cave. The lion was very hungry.

Lion: (Growls angrily) Why have you kept me waiting so long?

Rabbit: Good morning King Lion. Would you like to see a big lion that looks just like you? He has a voice like yours too.

Lion: Where is the other lion?

Rabbit: I cannot tell you that King Lion. You have to come and see for yourself.

Narrator: Then the rabbit hopped away through the forest and the lion followed him. Soon they came to a deep well. There was water at the bottom of it and it was very deep.

Rabbit: Look down there King Lion. There he is!

Narrator: The lion looked down into the well. There he saw another lion. He opened his mouth and roared. (Lion ROARS) The echo of his voice was very loud. (Echo of roar) He jumped into the well (Lion jumps) to fight the other lion and was drowned. (Lion stays in the well) The rabbit hopped back to tell the other animals about the good news.

All: (All animals turn to face the audience) After that the animals lived in peace in the forest.

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