Q1.Where can you find metals,non-metals and noble gases in the periodic table of elements?
Q2.which number tells you the number of valence electron?
Q3.what do you notice in the number of valence electron of metals,non-metals and noble gases?
Q4.what kind of element has:
a.less than 4 valence electrons?
b.more than 4 valence electrons?
c.low electronegativity?
d.high electonegativity?
e. low ionization energy?
f.high ionization energy?




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Q1. Metals are located before the metalloids, on the left side of the periodic table of element (groups 1-13), Non-metals are located after the metalloids, on the right side of the periodic table (groups 14-17) Noble gases are found at the rightmost column of the periodic table.
Q2. The group of the s-block (groups 1 and 2) elements tells us the number of valence electrons.
Q3. Metals have lesser valence electrons than non-metals. All noble gases have 8 valence electrons, except for helium.
Q4. a. metals
b. non-metals
c. metals
d. non-metals
e. metals
f. non-metals

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