1. K-12 Basic Education Program Batang K-12, Handa sa Trabaho o Kolehiyo, Handa sa Mundo2. BasicK-12 Education ProgramWhat are the bases for K-12?3. K-12 EFA 2015Basic Education Program Goals Expand and improve comprehensive early childhood care and education, especially for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children.4. K-12 EFA 2015Basic Education Program Goals Provide free and compulsory primary education for all5. K-12 EFA 2015Basic Education Program Goals Promote learning and life skills for young people and adults6. K-12 EFA 2015Basic Education Program Goals Increase adult literacy by 50 per cent7. K-12 EFA 2015Basic Education Program Goals Achieve gender parity by 2005, gender equality by 20158. K-12 EFA 2015Basic Education Program Goals Improve the quality of education9. K-12 MDG 2015Basic Education Program The Millennium Development Goals are a set of eight time- bound, concrete and specific targets10. K-12 MDG 2015Basic Education Program aimed at significantly reducing, if not decisively eradicating poverty, by the year 2015:11. K-12 MDG 2015Basic Education Program 189 countries including the Philippines committed to attain the EFA Goals and MDGs in September 200012. Goal Goal Goal GoalEradicate extreme Promote gender Achieve universal equality and Reduce child poverty and primary education mortality hunger empower womenGoal Goal Goal Goal Combat HIV/AIDS, Ensure GlobalImprove maternal malaria and other environmental partnership for health diseases sustainability development13. K-12 BESRA 2015Basic Education Program Basic Education Sector Reform Agenda Conceptualized in mid- 2005 to facilitate implementation of Philippine EFA 2015 Plan14. The 5 Key Reform Thrusts15. EFA 2015 BESRA & its 5 KRTs SBM Teacher Education & DevelopmentQuality Assurance & National Learning Support Complimentary Contribution of Pre-School Institutional Culture Change16. BESRA & its 5 Goals KRTs Improved Learning Outcomes for all through: • SIP and AIP SBM • SGC Competency-based system and process of teacher-training and Teacher Education & development through adoption of Development NCBTS Implementation of NLS and QA Quality Assurance & through: Learning Support • MTB – MLE Program • ADM (EASE, OHSP, DORP, IMPACT, MISOSA)Complimentary Contribution • Multigrade Educational Program of Pre-School & ALS • Livelihood and Tech.-Voc. Education • Quality Management System (QMS) Institutional Culture Change17. BESRA & its 5 Goals KRTs SBM Transformation of existing non-formal and informal learning options into viable ALS Teacher Education & Institutionalization of Kindergarten Development Curriculum Guide Quality Assurance & Learning Support • Resource Mobilization and Management • Use of ICT in Governance andComplimentary Contribution Management of Pre-School & ALS • Organizational Development Institutional Culture Change18. K-12 Basic Education Program “We need to add two yearsto our basic education. Thosewho can afford pay up tofourteen years of schoolingbefore university. Thus, theirchildren are getting into the bestuniversities and the best job aftergraduation. I want at least 12 years forour public school children to givethem an even chance atsucceeding.” President Benigno S. Aquino III19. K-12BasicEducationProgram Batang K-12, HandasaTrabaho o Kolehiyo, HandasaMundoThe proposal to expand the basic education dates back to 1925 • K-12 is not NEW. • Has been studied since 1925 . • no political will to do it. • Need to be more competitive.20. K-12BasicEducationProgram Batang K-12, HandasaTrabaho o 
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