What is the question here?

d. 51.78 km
Thank you lorene for this wonderful answer,but can you try to answer this my follow up question? Solve this problem.explain how you got your answer.( Nico has 3 pieces of wire. The first is 5.6 meter long,the second is 4.2 meter longer than the first,and the third is 4.9 meter shorter than the second.Which two pieces would have a difference that is close to 5 meter
Lorene I will wait your answer asap.thank you so much
hey jerray! sorry that i didn't answer it yesterday because i already loged out. so here's the anser. the 1st piece is 5.6 m long. second is 9.8 m. third is 4.9 m.
didn't get your question... sorry. can you rephrase it?