A book is given to us to learn how to solve, read and make experiments. It removes our boredom in the times that we are bored. The book are very important to us just because we will learn something in every page we turns. The stories that excite the children that almost brought them to the fairy tale world. What interesting things that can be found in the book? Try reading the Encyclopedia. Inside the Encyclopedia, there are most interesting facts in the earth to solar system to the galaxy. There are many kinds of books and Ready References such as Thesaurus that has Synonyms and Antonyms inside. Atlas that can give the population,etc. of any countries. The Dictionary that give the right pronunciation and the meaning of a word. These are just few of interesting books you can found in the Libraries in the world. So what are you waiting for? Read and Explore now!

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Mario lives on the farm. He lives in a small house. The roof is made of grass. The house is strong, even though it is small. He and his family work together in the farm. They harvest their plants three times a year. They also have animals on their farm, too. One of the animals they have is the carabao. The carabao helps them in the farm. In their house backyard, they have mango trees. Aside from these, they also raise silkworms. Silkworms make silk threads, which are made into cloth...

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