A rectangular box 4 dm by 8 dm by 5 dm was used for storing the boxes of soap 6 cm by 4 cm by 3 cm. How many boxes of soap were stored in the big box?
If one big box measures 50 m by 45 m how many boxes were stored in the bigger box?
How many soaps does the bigger box contain?



Take note that 1 decimeter = 10 cm
therefore getting the volume of the box you'll have
40 x 80 x 50 = 160,000 cm³
volume of 1 box of soap:
6 x 4 x 3 = 72 cm³
getting the number of soap boxes that would fit in you'll have:
160,000/72 = 2,222 boxes of soap
for the next question, that the box measures 50m x 45m, the other dimension is missing to find the volume but all you have to do is convert it to cm and get the volume then divide it with the volume of 1 box of soap.. message me as soon as you read this for me to have the answer for the other question though