Does anyone can give me a cool theory of your own theory about aliens ,this is not my assignment even topic about astronomy class but i just want to know if there are ppl that are interested about the theory of aliens anyway i have a theory about this ,I just want to hear the theory of others!

(i know this is not history but there is no subject here about astronomy so i pick history for the subject of my question:3)



Uh .. let  me guess " i have no theory but i have some weird thoughts about .. if life could exist here in earth then there's a big chances that could life exist in other planets and probably  ALIENS may exist too.. Try to find some planets that could have Water, i guess there's a posibilities that aliens can be seen haha , rather than oceans .. because Life without water could not be exist ...........

oh yeah i love science too
we're the same :)
hey have u heard that moon has channel that believed by the the scientist that channel is a watercourse, have heard that ?
i mean have u hear that not have heard that XD
Haha .. that's Familiar, but i didn't know about that ..