6) Juan Miguel wants to protect his bicycle's parts from rusting fast. Which of the following material do you think will Miguel use?
A. vinegar
B. isopropyl alcohol
C. kerosene
D. lubricating oil
7) Marcela told her grandson, Miguel, never to play with gasoline. Why do you think she does not allow him to do it?
A. because gasoline is volatile
B. because gasoline is flammable
C. because gasoline is viscous
D. all of the above
8) Emmanuel Juan cut his finger accidentally when he was cutting his nails. He has to apply something on his wound so that it will not get infected. Which compounds should he use?
A. formalin
B. isopropyl alcohol
C. water
D. acetone
9) Why is it important to know the properties of common liquid materials?
A. to know the uses of the liquids
B. to know possible danger from these kind of material
C. to know how these liquids affect people
D. all of the above
10) Which hydrocarbon compound has double bond in the molecule?
A. ethane
B. methane
C. propene
D. propyne



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6) D. lubricating oil
7) B. because gasoline is flammable
8) B. isopropyl alcohol
9) D. all of the above
10) C. propene

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