Kinds of sentences:
a.) Declarative - used to express a statement of fact, wish, intent or feeling.
              1. The sun is shining so bright today.
              2. I wish i could have a nice weekend at my aunt's house.
              3. I felt so sleepy.
              4. I have seen the movie last night.
              5. The cafeteria is a bit crowded today.
              6. My parents bought a new car for me.
              7. Maria wants to be a lawyer.
              8. I have the passion in reading.
b.) Imperative - used to state a command, request or direction
              1. Turn left at the second corner.
              2. Please turn the lights on.
              3. Write your name on the upper left part of the paper.
              4. Don't close your mind about what's happening.
              5. Bring the laundry down to the washer.
              6. Clean up your own mess.
              7. Please hand me the newspaper.
              8. Meet me at 7pm outside the pavilion.
c.) Interrogative - used to ask question. it ends with a question mark
              1. Do you have something else to do?
              2. Where could we possibly put all these books?
              3. What do you have in mind?
              4. Have you ever read 'Prodigy'?
              5. When are you coming home?
              6. Are you getting your grades today?
              7. How did you managed to do all those stuffs?
              8. What's happening?
d.) Exclamatory - used to express a strong feeling. ends up with an exclamation point
             1. Ouch! My hand hurts!
             2. You can't be serious!
             3. Voila! I'm done!
             4. Oh my God! The house is on fire!
             5. I can't believe it's all over!
             6. Hurry up! We're going to be late!
             7. Hurrah! We won!
             8. You're not getting away with this!
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