Segregating garbages into biodegradable,non-biodegradable and recyclable para mabawasan yung magiging basura sa mundo at kumunti ang polusyon
By planting trees, learn how to segregate your trash, by being responsible to your environment. :)
if we like to save the planet. it must first start with ourselves. everyone of us is responsible to our environment, we are the one whose molding and shaping our own planet i n a way that if we took care of it, the nature will bring back the favor, now if we don't even show any care on it, it will give opposite. which is what we are experiencing today. climate and nature abnormalities.
As a student we can try joining different environmental services and community services. abide to the environmental rule and the others were mentioned already.
those community services which has the objectives of saving the plant, or maintaining our environment clean. or has the objectives of formulating plans to make the world healty and fruitful