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Halimbawa ng Haiku ay ang Anyaya ni Gonzalo K. Flores at Tutubi
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halimbawa nga teg
japanese haiku poems
Japanese Haiku Poems

Leaf falls from a tree
And returns to it 
it was a butterfly

Upon a naked branch
A raven came
Autumn Dusk

We are as in autumn
on the
branches leaves

We stand alone
pierce by a ray of sun
already it is dark

Helmet lost in space
in graves
one hand clapping

It is a singsung dawn
but we think of night alone
already pierced by the dark

Black sky
red noses 
and snow

Year is giving out 
people gave me nothing
in this evening
ah gling palakpakan!! XD
project kasi namin yan sa english dapat memorize at may action by group
ah kya pla