Chemistry: (Pls. answer, Hindi na kailangan ng Solusyon)
1. The label of the dark chocolate indicates that its mass is 150 g and it is 70% cacao, if you consume the whole chocolate bar, how much cacao did you eat?
2. What is the representative particle of ionic compounds?
3. How many particles are there in one mole of any kind of substance?
4. Moth balls (paradichlorobenzene-  C_{6}H_{4}Cl_{2} ) are used as cockroach repellent. It is often placed inside the cabinet. If one piece of moth ball weighs 5.0 g and your mother put 3 pieces in your cabinet, how many molecules of paradichlorobenzene-  C_{6}H_{4}Cl_{2} (Molar Mass= 147.00 g/mol) will be circulating inside your cabinet considering all the moth balls have sublimed?
5. Who among the ff. students describes the result of the activity on counting by weighing correctly?
Ann- different sets of materials having the same mass have different number of pieces
Dan- " " " " have the same number of pieces and the mass
Tom- the same sets of materials, have the same number of pieces but different masses.
6. The roots of the plants absorb the nutrients from the soil. For the farmers, it is important to strengthen the root system of their plants to ensure its growth. Potassium is the mineral responsible for a healthy root system. If you were a farmer, what fertilizer are you going to use?
7. Methane ( CH_{4} Molar mass = 16.04 g/mol) is one of the greenhouse gases. If 32.08 g of  CH_{4} is released in the atmosphere, how many molecules of  CH_{4} are added in the atmosphere?
8. The presence of SO2 in the atmosphere causes acid rain. How many percent of sulfur is present in SO2 (Molar mass = 67.07 g/mole)?
9. Arrange the following substances from the lightest to the heaviest:
Cl_{2}; CH_{4}; H_{2}O; NH_{3}; N_{2}
10. Why is the mole concept important?
11. Ammonium nitrate (NH_{4} NO_{3} Molar mass = 80.06 g/mole) is a substance use to produce dinitrogen monoxide (N_{2}O), a dental anesthetic. Determine the mass percent of N in ammonium nitrate.
12. People usually use hydrogen peroxide ( H_{2}O_{2} Molar Mass = 34.02 g/mole) to clean their wounds. If Cheska used 1.0 g of  H_{2}O_{2} to clean her wound, how many mole of  H_{2}O_{2} did she use?
13. In cold areas, many fish and insects, including the common housefly produce large amounts of glycerol ( C_{3} H_{8} O_{3} Molar mass = 92.11 g/mole) to lower the freezing point of their blood. How many percent of oxygen is present in glycerol?
14. Ethyl butanoate ( C_{3} H_{7} COO C_{2} H_{5} ) is the substance responsible for the aroma of pineapple. What is the molar mass of ethyl butanoate?
15. Calcium carbonate ( CA CO_{3} Molar mass = 100.09 g/mole) is an antacid used to neutralize extra acid in the stomach. Lorie is prescribed by the doctor to take 250 mg- tablet of  CA CO_{3} three times a day. How many moles of  CA CO_{3} will Lorie consume for 3 days?



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1. 105 g cacao
2. formula unit
3. 6.02 x  10^{23}
4. 6.14 x  10^{23}
5. Ann
6.  K_{2}O
7. 1.20 x  10^{24}
8. 50.05%
9.  CH_{4},NH_{3},H_{2}O,N_{2},Cl_{2}
10. It is useful when converting between grams and atoms or molecules.
11. 35.00%
12. 0.029 mole
13. 52.11%
14. 116.18 g/mole
15. 0.0225 mole

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