Let x be the 1st digit and y be the 2nd digit
   10x+y be the original no. and 10y+x be the new no.

ii)10y+x=10x+y-45 it becomes -9x+9y=-45
   i)9(x+y)=11(9)=   9x+9y=99
                                 18   18
if y=3
 so the final ans. will be 83 
t = 10's digit
u = 1's digit

t + u = 11
10u + t = 45 + (10t + u)

This second equation is the tricky part. It says that the VALUE of the reversed number (10 times the unit's digit added to the ten's digit itself) is equal to 45 more than the original number (10 times the ten's digit added to the unit's digit)

Combine like terms: 9u - 9t = 45
Solve by elimination:

9u - 9t = 45
-9u -9t = -99

-18t = -54

t = 3, u = 8

Original number is 38.

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