3x² - 3x/3x² + 6x
3x² -1/x + 6x
3x² + 6x - 1/x
you can no longer do further simplification to that unless it is equated to another expression or you have any other condition stated or perhaps you have not written the given expression correctly. check the given expression
or perhaps the given is (3x^2 - 3x)/(3x^2 + 6x)? you didn't quantify it the proper way though
if the given expression would be (3x^2 - 3x)/(3x^2 + 6x) then you will have to factor the numerator as well as the denominator.. factoring the numerator you'll have 3x(x-1) and factoring the denominator you'll have 3x(x +2). notice that both the numerator and denominator contains the term 3x and 3x/3x=1 so you'll be left with the expression as (x-1)/(x+2).. next time try to quantify properly
got it where we had a miscommunication. sorry...and thanks!