A mixed number is composed of a whole number and a fraction.
How to mix a number? Just stir it! (^^)
kidding! HAHHA!
Just put a number and a fraction together.
2  \frac{1}{2}
What if you are given an improper fraction.
 For example,  \frac{5}{2}  
Divide 5 by 2. Then you will get 2 with a remainder of 1. 2 will be the whole number. 1 will be the numerator and 2 will be the denominator since you divided the number by 2. In symbols:
5 / 2 = 2  \frac{1}{2}
Mixed number is composed if whole number and fraction
how to mix a fraction
if the numerator is bigger than the denominator:
ex. 5/2
you divide the 5 to 2 so the answer is 2 r.1
and the answer 2 will be the whole number and the remainder 1 will be the numerator and copy the same denominator in the first fraction 
so it will be 2 1/2