It was Lazaro Macapagal, a general in the Philippine Revolution, who had main contribution to the execution of Bonifacio.
c Bonifacio at ang knyang kpatid na c Procopio ay nadakip ng mga tauhan ni Emilio Aguinaldo, at nagharap cla sa isang paglilitis at nahatulan sya roon ng parusang kamatayan
Actually, his own Filipinos killed him because Aguinaldo charged him with "treason and rebellion" due to the Tejeros election whereas one of the members disagreed to the election of Bonifacio in the position of Secretary for Aguinaldo due to that he never finished school. However, Bonifacio walked-out because he was supposed to be the President because he had found the KKK, and he created his army of men for his own. This is what Aguinaldo charged him for, and eventually, killed him in Mount Buntis.