When a country is in order, it is a shame to be a poor and common man:
Well, why not?  A country that is ruled properly does not hinder one's success.  Being poor in a nice and orderly country reflects one's lack of capability to rise for himself and work hard.  it symbolizes one's incompetence.

When a country is in chaos, it is a shame to be rich and an official:
Being rich and an official in a chaotic country means that YOU are one of the reasons as to why the country becamse chaoitc in the first place.  it means that you, the rich and powerful, were not able to use your gifts for the country to prosper.  Again, it symblizes one's incompetence; or probably, greed for too much money and power that resulted to one's forgetting of his/her own duties to the country and its people.

This is my own interpretaton of this.  We are all entitled to own opinions.  Some may agree with what I just said, while some, disagree.

Hope this helps :))
p.s. If you do not understand a part of my solution, please do not hesitate to contact me :)
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