A superlative is a word (an adjective) that indicates something is bigger, better, faster, stronger, taller, whatever-er than everything else. They almost always end in -est, like biggest, best, fastest, strongest, tallest, but can also be used with the word most, like most handsome or most secretive. I think that applies when the word ends in in an e, but it's easy to figure out if you try saying the word using both ways. The one that sounds normal is usually the one that's right.

Pasukdol - Paghahambing Sa Katangian Ng Isa O Isang Pangkat Ng Pangngalan Sa Dalawa O Mahigit Pang Pangnglan. Ginagamit Ang Pinaka,Napaka,Ubod Nang,Hari Nang,Kay,Totoo At Pag-Uulit Ng Pang-Uri

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