General regulations: Diploma ProgrammeI General Article 1: Scope The International Baccalaureate Organization (hereinafter “the IBOrganization”) is a foundation that has developed and offers three programmes of international education entitled the “Primary Years Programme” (PYP), the “Middle Years Programme” (MYP) and the “Diploma Programme”. It authorizes schools to offer one or more of these programmes to its students.An IBWorld School® is a school that has been authorized by the IBOrganization to offer one or more of its programmes.This document describes the regulations that apply to those schools that have been authorized as IBWorld Schools to offer the Diploma Programme.When used herein the term “legal guardians” encompasses parentsch it approves. Such licence shall become effective from  June following the May examinations and  December following the November examinations. 5.3Where the IBOrganization uses these materials for purposes other than assessment, it may modify, translate or otherwise change them to meet particular needs and, in order to protect the identity of the candidate and of the school, will anonymize them before publication in print or in electronic form. 5.4Under exceptional circumstances, a candidate may withdraw this licence for a specific piece of work, as provided in article 5.2. In such case the IBOrganization must be notified in accordance with the procedure described in the current handbook. The candidate must submit a written notification to the school’s Diploma Programme coordinator who has the duty to inform the IBOrganization by the due date. In these cases, the IBOrganization will use the material only for assessment purposes. 5.5For assessment purposes, the IBOrganization may electronically scan or reproduce submitted materials in different media, such as photographing works of art. It may also copy materials in the same medium, such as printing or photocopying examination scripts and essays. These materials are either internally assessed by teachers in the schools whose marks are moderated, or externally assessed by IBexaminers. Wherever the materials are held during their assessment, for example, by the school, by an IBexaminer or at the International Baccalaureate Curriculum and Assessment Centre (hereinafter “IBCardiff”), they are always held on behalf of the IBOrganization. 5.6All materials submitted to the IBOrganization for assessment, whether in the hands of a school, an examiner or IBCardiff, become the property of the IBOrganization, which, once the assessment is complete, is entitled to retain the materials for record‑keeping purposes or to destroy them according to its needs. Candidates are entitled to request the return of their externally assessed work, including a copy of their examination scripts, provided such application is made for a May examination session by 5September in the same year and for a November examination session by 5March of the following year. In all cases, to be valid, the application must be submitted to IBCardiff by the school’s Diploma Po