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1.Break a leg (good luck)
2.Don't make a mountain out of a molehill (Don't make a small problem bigger)
3.Piece of cake (Easy)
4.Fight fire with fire (Fight using the same thing)
5.Spread the word (Tell the news)
6.Need a hand (Need help)
7.Elbow room (Need more room to move)
8.Cost the earth (Very Expensive)
9.Silver Surfer (Elderly person who uses the internet)
10.Ring a bell (Sounds familiar but does not know exact details) 
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When pigs fly- never
piece of cake- easy
hard words- words which hurt
hook or by crook- in one way or another
stab in the back- a betrayal
man of his word- a person who keeps his/her promise
seventh heaven- to be extremely happy
to bat around- to travel/ move around
under you breath- in a whispering voice
butterflies in the stomach- be nervous

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