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Reinstall Apps: If you are facing Error 492 while Updating or Installing Apps from Google Play Store then try this trick first to see if you can fix the error. If you are Installing the App for the first time – Stop the App download and close Play Store and Reopen it and try Installing the app all over again and sometimes this works like magic. If you are Updating the App – Click on OK of the pop up box and then Uninstall the App which you were updating and Reinstall it all over again which might fix the error 492. Clear Cache of Play Store and Google Service Framework: This is another trick which has worked many times as the cache stored in system related to the apps can cause the errors to pop up and clearing it might solve the problem. Go to Settings in your Android device Then Go to System settings Tap on Manage Applications Tap on the All tab on the top of the screen Search for Google Play Store from the list and tap on it to open the settings Scroll down to find the Clear Data and Clear Cache options and tap on each of them Now go back to the All Apps list and Tap on Google Service Framework and repeat the same process of Clearing Data and Cache. Go back to your Play store and try updating or Installing the app to see if the error is fixed if not then go for the next step mentioned in the post. Boot into Recovery mode and Clear Cache in case of Custom ROM: In case you are using Customs ROM like Clockwork-mod, Cyanogenmod or any such Custom ROM’s and you are not able to solve the Error with the above tricks you have to follow the trick mentioned below. Boot into Recovery Mode (Clockwork-mod) which is present in all custom ROM’s Go to settings and then tap on Advanced settings Then tap on Wipe Dalvik Cache which will clear all the cache on your Custom ROM Format SD card:
Some users have said that corrupted SD cards can also be the cause for Error 492. And if you have tried all the tricks mentioned above and are still facing the same error you can try to format your SD card to fix this error, but make sure that you have a complete back up of your SD card memory on your Laptop or PC as you will be loosing all your data by formatting your SD card.