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❶ Brainly is more awesome than dota.
❷ Angelika is more beautiful than my ex
❸ Japan has more population than population of Korea
❹ It has a heavy rain, but it was an hour ago
❺ My mother is cooking , so I played dota
❻ I like dota , while my friend like facebook
❻ My brother is cute , but I'm more cute than him
❼ I am on diet yet I want to eat more
❽ People wanted to facebook than to played dota
❾ They wanted to go to Italy , because they want to see Venice.
❿ He did not take the money ,for it was not right to do
⓫ The stars are brighter than moon
⓬ Call me later ,so I will answer you then
⓭ I will glad to teach you dota , but I'm a busy person
⓮ My dog is cooler than my neighbor dog
⓯ Good girls go to hell , and naughty hot girls go to my room!
⓰ It must better to cheat than to repeat
⓱ Dota is more popular in boys than in girls
⓲ I'm not popular ,but still I'm trying to be
⓳ Problem is not hindrance in our succession ,but laziness is one.
⓴ I do not have the ability to make you mine , but I have the power to make you smile.....

A/N: Sorry if it is only 20 , my brain will explode if I make more than that. hehe. .XD . Anyway this example is originally made by me. Some are I learned from my previous teachers. :D

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Compound sentences are two sentences joined together with a conjunction.There are two kinds of conjunctions "coordinate" and "suboordinate". I'll give you 3 examples. 1.) "Sam likes soccer, but jack prefers baseball." 2.) "Do you like the color red? ,or do you like the color blue?." 3.)"I like to write,and I like to read." Sorry I can't give you 30 examples,but i hope my other three examples helped :) P.S Zane